Voice Biometrics

It’s a level up in security. It’s a brand new user experience. It’s a service differentiator for your business.

Why Voice Biometrics


of customers do not like a standard password authentication.


of customers will not get their required or requested information because
at that moment they are unable to authenticate themselves.


of customers prefer voice biometrics compared to other methods of authentication.

Voice biometrics is a secure way to authenticate your customers through natural voice patterns. It will vastly improve the overall customer experience and service, whilst shortening operators’ handling time dramatically.

Soitron will help improve your security, customer experience and achieve a more personalised service differentiator for your business.


  1. Vocal Password

    An advanced biometric speaker verification system
    that verifies a speaker’s identity based on voice
    sample/s acquired during an interaction with voice,
    web, or mobile applications.

  2. Free Speech

    A unique text- independent biometric speaker
    verification system that transparently authenticates
    speakers during the course of natural conversation.

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